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Stylus pen – A stylus pen is a very handy tool designed for simplified operation of an iPad, iPhone, Tablet and Smartphone. With the small flexible rubber tip on the stylus, you can easily navigate, swipe, etc. Useful inexpensive giveaway that keep screen clean with more control and precise operation.


*We can imprint on any everyday cellular, laptop, computer accessories to brand your corporate image or message.

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Kanga  (TM)  Straps

Brilliantly designed silicone wallet! Store your cards, resides on your phone you use over and over……

Brilliantly designed silicone wallet! Store your cards, and tether your phone, all-in-one product! Insert your finger under the strap to secure your phone to your hand, and don’t worry about drops ever again.

Ditch your wallet and keep your cards with your phone. Economical yet high-grade silicone material provides an extended long life. The notch in the bottom allows you to simply push your cards up for easy removal. Stores 2-3 cards. Non-Slip grip lines add security, keeping your phone safe from slipping and sliding.

Patented 3M adhesive keeps it attached to your phone and leaves no sticky residue. Universal, fits most smart phones. Our most economical KANGA yet!           handstands kanga strap 3


Patent Pending

handstands back strap

BackStrap (TM) TAB, Tablet Cover


Highly innovative, multi-funtional thin protector for your tablet. Store cards or documents between your device and the BackStrap TAB. Provides protection from surface scratches. Slide your fingers or hand between the BackStrap TAB and your tablet to tether it to your hand. Prevents your tablet from slipping and sliding.

High-grade silicone material.

Unversal size fits most tablets (up to 10″). Wash to clean and renew grip.

Patent Pending                        handstand backstrap

handstands ring

Gadget Grips(R) GripRing Stand

This smart stand attaches to the back of your phone with a snap easy open ring. You can also create a secure hold on your smart phone or tablet. Never drop your phone or tablet again.

handstands ring back

This unique ring flips out to use, and snaps back in place to store. Helps extend your thumbs’ reach on large screens. Gadget Grips(R) technology keeps your phone from slipping and sliding.

handstands ring stand

Brilliant fulll color Fireglaze(TM) graphics with crystal clear Griptyte(TM) gel technology. Secures directly to the back of your phone or tablet with 3M adhesive. Slim design. Leaves no sticky residue.

handstand kanga protect

Gadget Grips (R) KANGA (TM) PROtect

Ditch your wallet and keep your vital credit cards and other items with your phone using the brand new KANGA PROtect.

Stores credit cards, cash, driver’s license and even keys. Unique spandex fabric stretches to hold five or more cards tightly and securely. Non-slip grip dots on the exterior keep your phone safe from slipping or sliding. Inside divider strip makes two pockets for keeping often used cards up front and easy accessible. Patented 3M adhesive keeps it secure on your phone, and will not fall off. Leaves no sticky residue.

Easy to mail. Universal, fits most smartphones. Don’t trust your credit cards and identity with cheap imitations that fail. Now with Radio Frequency Identifcation Blocker (RFID).         Patent Pending.

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