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No more branded pens, mugs, caps, & t-Shirts!


The Keyfetch product allows your customers/fans to protect their values and advertise your brand at the same time. 

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Every year, millions of valuable items are lost with little chance of ever being recovered by their owners.

Keyfetch connects owners and finders of lost valuables directly in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible. We manage up to 85% recovery rates thanks to our unique online retrieval system also designed to protect our members’ personal details at all times. There is simply no easier way to get your lost valuables back !

We strongly believe in the power of altruism. People are good and want to do good. To help us cope with today’s hectic life, social responsibility towards one another is no longer optional, and it can be as simple as returning someone’s lost item. Keyfetch provides the mechanism through which this act of altruism can happen quickly and safely, all around the world.

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The TagMyPhone app is designed to place a secure recovery message directly on a smartphone’s lock screen. If the phone is lost, the message instructs the finder on how to easily and anonymously return the phone to its owner using the app,anywhere in the world!

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All you have to do is simply distribute unique voucher codes to your employees or customers via email, inviting them to download the TagMyPhone app and enjoy their protection service.


Keyfetch is the only service of its kind to have received an official
accreditation from the UK Association of Chief PoliceOfficers (ACPO) as part of the Secured by Design nationwide initiative. One of seven UK companies in 2014 to receive such accreditation from the Chiefs of Police.


Customer Testimonials

“I just looked at the ID and then went to the website. Next thing I am returning them to Shane Battier.”

– Travis

“What I liked the most about it was that it is anonymous and I didn’t have to share any personal information and it was was pretty quick and fast…. “

– Jeannette

“It was very easy….someone lost their keys and I just wanted to make sure they got them back.”

– Elizabeth






 As a promotional item, Keyfetch can be used as part of customer acquisition/satisfaction/retention strategies or as an employee gift.  Fitting in a letter size envelope and weighing less than a half ounce, distribution could not be easier.

Our Keyfetch product includes two hard-wearing stickers, a key tag and a bag/luggage tag. Handed to your customers, it can therefore protect as many as four of their everyday carry items, insuring maximum visibility.

Because of the need to activate one’s service online, basic yet valuable consumer info (name, email) are collected. If relevant to them, our Privacy Policy allows us to share such inform


  • Now Available for Pet Lover:  PetFetchkeyfetch for pet


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Every year, millions of pets are lost with little chance of ever being recovered by their owners. Keyfetch present Peftetch, the next generation of pet loss protection technology connecting owners and finders of lost pets in the quickest, safest way.


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