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Events Wristbands are more than just a wearable ticket – they can be a powerful marketing tool and assist with event security:

Customize with band logos, sponsor promotions, advertisements, upcoming events, and more.
Identify non-payers with wristbands that are non-transferable and nearly impossible to counterfeit.
Age verification wristbands are a fast and reliable way for your staff to know who shouldn’t be served.
Heat and water resistant – perfect for multi-day events.

Create cool concert wristbands that fans will want to take home as souvenirs. Take advantage of long and repeated exposure by including multimedia marketing campaigns right on your concert wristbands:

Wristbands are rapidly becoming the preferred identification and admission solution for bars and nightclub venues worldwide. 
Unlike hand stamps or paper tickets, wristbands are almost impossible to lose or transfer, are convenient, durable and resistant to heat and water – making them perfect for proof of paid admission for re-entry to your establishment.

Full-color graphics, text & logos [at 300 dpi]
QR codes (monotone or multi-colored)
PIN numbers or barcodes
Prizes & discount codes
Advertising space for sponsors or promotions

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Wristbands For Schools & Colleges 

Wristbands solve many challenges in a school setting, from keeping track of students and school visitors to raising funds and awareness for a special school project. 

Other popular uses for School Wristbands include: Identifying students by grade or class
Tracking admissions to paid events including dances and sporting events
Fund raising, Contest, raffles and games

Let your students – and their parents – more involved with your school, by promoting events, clubs, and important dates through your Customized School Wristbands.
Use sponsored promotions and advertising on your wristbands to drive traffic to your concession stands / gift shop, and subsidize other costs.
Customized school wristbands are effective even for very young students, because their parents will see your messages too.

Custom Wristbands are the perfect solution for college campuses seeking an affordable and efficient way to manage security, crowd control, admission to special events, drinking age verification, and special access clearance to areas and events.
They also allow you to quickly identify volunteers, staff, students, visitors and guests

wristband rfidRFID Wristbands:  

Get the unmatched benefits of our RFID (radio frequency identification) Wristband The RFID Band is a nontransferable wristband with a securely sealed RFID tag inside to reliably store and transfer data. The data is accessed by RFID systems such as RFID Smart Readers. The RFID Wristband can enhance your bottom line and provide unmatched safety, security, and convenience to your guests for:

  • Cashless Point of Sale
  • Keyless Hotel Room and Locker Entry
  • Access Control and Security
  • Counterfeit Prevention
  • Customer Loyalty and VIP Programs

The RFID Wristbands is constructed of water-resistant, non-stretch polyester with a patented closure.
Custom printing is available to help maximize your brand and promote your facility to customers.



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For Any Occasions


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3D Lenticular Specialty  Wristbands: Applying Lenticular technology to the wristband feature literally gives sponsors a new way of getting their messages into the hands of consumers. Imagine having the ability to advertise, to amaze and involve consumers with never-before-seen 3D effects,and all with the simplicity of their glancing at the time on a wristwatch. This product can help you deliver high-impact, versatile and imaginative campaigns. Creating collectibles, measuring promotion success, introducing new products, increasing brand recognition, generating higher revenues and higher levels of security are all potential realities with this product — music to every profit maker’s ears.

Wristbands Material: We have a variety of material for you to choose from:  

tyvek, plastic, soft comfort, vinyl, full color custom revtek, woven, thermal, silicone,

bio-degradable for all sort of situations & events.


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Cashless barcoded wristbands as a cost effective alternative to RFID cashless bands. Both RFID and barcoded cashless have the same effect… they provide the ultimate experience for your guests! No longer will they be concerned about losing their tickets, or having to worry about carrying large amounts of cash on them. Cashless barcoded wristbands are the solution!

Barcoded bands are used to streamline more and more of the daily operations for both guests and businesses. Guests can easily purchase food, beverages, and merchandise, while staff are able to reducequeuing times, improve transaction speeds, and reduce ticket fraud.

These bands provide outstanding benefits for both the guest and the businesses who use them. Since Cashless bands are designed for individual use and cannot be reused on future guests, it prevents the chances of it being stolen. Choosing an adhesive barcoded cashless band could end up saving companies a lot of money.

How do Barcoded Cashless bands work? It’s simple! These bands are tied into your POS systems and guests preload their bands with their credit cards, (no credit information is stored on the wristbands themselves) creating the perfect cash management solution.

Cashless Barcode Wristbands come in Adhesive or Snapped, with sixteen (16) colors to choose from.

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